Wednesday, July 24, 2013

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When I finally got to a private teacher on my instrument a world I never new existed opened up for me well beyond instrument study. My teacher was not only an instrumentalist craftsman, but a mentor, therapist, life coach and even financial advisor at times! A doorway opened up that took me into a world that explored art, music, and myself well beyond my imagination. Making not only my passion for music and instrumental development thrive, but that of the ensembles I participated in as well.

In todays school music educational programs it is impossible for the music directors to cover the material needed for individual growth that a private teacher provides, which enhances the development of the music ensembles as a whole. A band director’s responsibility is well full in just rehearsing and preparing the ensembles. It is near impossible for the directors to give the students the individual education that is necessary for the ensembles growth- they have more than enough on their plate. How does a private teacher work hand and hand with today’s music programs? As every student and parent have expectations for school ensembles to excel and sound great, so do the directors of course. As a private teacher not only am I coaching the material given by the music programs, but I make sure to keep the students music education growing as far ahead as possible. This then enable the ensemble levels to grow, where as directors can focus their talents on doing what they do- making the ensemble sound great, and teaching students the art of music through ensemble play with ever more challenging material. In other words the need for private instrumental teachers is vital to excelling ensemble situations, and a school’s music program as a whole. The private teacher/student relationship creates a passion and understanding of art and music that transcends into the class environment. It is all about growth and how we are all a part shaping future generations of musician artists.

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